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    mini rolling 

    shot by me 

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    Headfirst !

    The ”Kopfüber-Haus” (Headfirst house) in Putbus. Photo by Volker Wurst

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    We received a strange parcel this morning at Sherlockology HQ. Upon opening we found a wooden chest. Inside was an array of goodies including a wax sealed scroll……

    ….can you solve the riddle and unlock the gates?

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  5. Gillian Anderson on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (July 22, 2013)

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    Merging Past and Present

    Kerényi Zoltán“Everyone experiences that occasional desire to look back at a bygone age, and to catch a glimpse of something that touches their heart and moves their soul, or throws fresh light on the changes around us. Window to the Pastcaptures snapshots of times gone by in such a way that, while being rooted in reality, the images created form something new by <h3>. They offer us the chance to remember with eyes wide open. With open eyes and open heart alike.”

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    Adventure photographer Kamil Tamiola worked with a professional climber Jeff Mercier to capture these gorgeous shots of a frozen waterfall in Italy. 

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    Aerial Photography - Roof Topper

    Tom Ryaboi, aka Roof Topper, takes really amazing aerial shots. “I like to travel, see the world, where I hope to learn something, grow, and maybe leave something behind,” says Ryaboi. “Naturally, somewhere along the line, I wanted to capture some of these moments. The camera allowed me to capture beautiful places, interesting people, and sometimes even myself.”